About Us


In 2018 Ignacio Varese and Germán Tugores, co-founders, founded this event and held for the first time the Blockchain Summit UY with great success. The 2nd Edition in 2019 had record attendance and the best opinions. The 2020 year has been a special year because pandemic, but it has given us the opportunity to evolve. And also sum new partners to the venture.

We welcome the new members who enrich us with a lot of experience, wisdom, and passion for technology. Luis Eirea, Alejandro Panuncio, Nicolás Ribeiro and Ken Tenzer join in this 3rd 2020 edition to the co-founder of the event Ignacio Varese, as organizing partners of our technology summit, the most anticipated of the year, with the decision to achieve a better and better result on each edition.

Blockchain Summit Global is a truly inspirational event, where business, innovation and new technologies meet through Blockchain in an outstanding manner on the way to Revolution 4.0